Did anyone with a mobile plan receive the recent 2GB mobile data perk

I have half a dozen friends with only Internet Plans who got the perk, but no friends with only mobile plans who received the perk. What I don't have is anyone with both plans to see if it was still given.

It feels like a cheap marketing ploy to dangle mobile data but not let you use it.

But I hope I'm wrong.


  • MyriamC
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    I have both mobile and internet and I did not receive this perk...

  • Sickboy
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    Its marketing probably normal they want more and new customer's.

  • Interesting. One friend with an Internet plan did not receive the perk, but all others did (and only them).

    I wonder if anyone with an Internet and Mobile Plan actually received the perk.

    Compared to offering $25 for a new client, 2GB of data is cheap.

    But there is little value in dangling a carrot that you can't even eat.

  • Probably, but I'm looking for evidence.

    Getting more clients is good, but not at the expense of annoying your existing clients.

  • I have only a mobile plan with data and I didn't get the 2Gb perk.

  • That seems to be the pattern.

    If there is anyone with both mobile and Internet plans, who also got the perk, I'd like to hear about it.

  • Orenda
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    I have both phone and internet and got nothing. I can’t even use most of my rewards. I keep getting the same $2 discount but I already have all my slots filled with them, so new ones are useless.

    please Fizz Gods, give me a useable reward for once :(

  • Thank you for your comment Orenda.

    It appears that (to date) the only people who received the 2GB mobile data perk were those who could not use it.

    If a $40 perk isn't going to entice you to get a phone, I don't see why they would think a 2GB perk would.

    So I echo your plea, please Fizz Gods, give us a usable reward!

    Like those 1GB perks to people WITH an existing phone plan. :/

  • Axel Q.
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    Hello Jacques,

    I had internet for a while... and I don't remember receiving this 2GB perk. However, i now have a mobile plan as well. Do you think I'll get this stuff in the future?

    I recently participated in a offline contest event which also promised a 2GB perk but never received it.

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