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I have two iphones in my name on my account. My wife uses one of these phones occasionally but she accumulates unused data which i can't gift to my phone.

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    You can send a data gift to:

    Any Fizz customer who is findable in Contacts and has a data plan

    A complete stranger, as long as they are findable and have a Fizz data plan

    You cannot send a data gift to:

    People who are not Fizz members

    Fizz members with no data plan

    Fizz members who have designated themselves incognito

    * If you choose an email from your contacts list, data will be gifted to the default plan associated with that email address (there may be multiple phone numbers on this plan). If, however, you choose to gift data to a specific phone number, the data will be gifted to the exact plan associated with this phone number.

    So in your case, since you are on the same account/email, you would need to gift from her account, using your phone number. to ensure it goes from one specific plan, to another. However keep in mind that you need to have a data plan in order to accept a data gift from your wife's phone. Plans with no data, cant receive data gifts.


  • You should be able to gift data between phones if they both have active data plans. Even in the same account.

    But if you have minimal or episodic data needs, consider turning off data entirely for the least used phone and relying on the 500MB & 250MB Perks available at Level 2 and above. That reduces your cost far more than gifting a couple of GB between plans.

    For example, two phones with identical plans and 1GB currently cost $30 each. Total $60.

    Using the same plan, reduce one phone to 0GB ($24) and increase one to 3GB ($33). Total $57.

    You've just got 50% more data for 5% less total cost.

    Other scenarios give similar benefits.

    3GB each (33+33 = 66) Total 6GB for $66.

    0GB+9GB (24+37 = 61) Total 9GB for $61.

  • Thank you both for your comments.😀

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