Phone purchase without subscribing to a Fizz plan.

Can u buy a just a Fizz phone(used or new) without having to get a Fizz plan?

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    Initially yes. Being a fizz customer with an active plan is a requirement at the time of purchase. However, nothing prevents you from leaving Fizz after you have purchased the phone. The phone is always kept separate from the plan.

    One thing you need to keep in mind: If you purchased the phone with a discount (i.e., a promotional offer) then you need to stay a fizz customer for a specific amount of time (specified at the time of purchase). If you don’t stay, the discount will be reversed and you will be charged the full retail value of tue device. Hope this helps :)


  • Apologies! I didn't think of mentioning that the phone purchase(used) would be for my father-in-law whom already has a plan with TELUS. I myself already am a Fizz plan customer.

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    @Mark S. 73969

    Hi Mark,

    as mentioned by Stefan, your purchase of a phone is separate from your plan and even though the two payment options offered are conceivable in your situation, the best would be to buy a full price with the possible discount that you could get as a member and then since the device will be fully paid you will be free to dispose of it as you wish. You just need to make sure the phone is unlocked so it can be used at another provider.

    Here are some relevant information that may help you make your decision:

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    I don't believe so

  • MyriamC
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    You need to have a plan to buy a phone but if you buy it with no discount, you can cancel your plan and keep the phone with no issue and no reimbursement

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