I have data that roll over every month, can I use it, and cancel my data till I use what i have?

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    Hi @WAnastasia23

    Does my rolled over data instantly expire when I change my plan?

    Of course not. You keep your rolled over data for two (2) complete payment cycles even if you change your plan during that time, and even if that new plan has no data.

    Source: (bottom of section 2)

    Each batch of rolled over data will expire after two (2) complete payment cycles, and this even if you change your plan.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that if you are presently on some promotional pricing / grandfathered plan, the price will in future go back to posted current prices when you change plans, so you will lose any promo pricing.


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    Yes you can. Do know that your data will roll over for up to 3 months, pay attention to the expiry date.

    Also any changes to your plan must be requested at least 48 hours prior to the renewal date.

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    Agree with all the above-mentioned

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