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Hi everyone, my wifi has a hard time reaching the basement level. The modem/router is on the 2nd floor. Would a booster do the trick? What are my options? Thank you


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    another router, in bridge mode, could do perfectly the job and if you add a wifi booster too, it surely will!

    Herte's some information how to do it: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-can-i-use-my-own-wi-fi-router-fizz

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    Use mesh to solve it. Don't use fizz modem's wifi, and set Fizz modem to bridge mode and use your own router. It will be ok.

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    The best solution as mentioned above is to have a WiFi mesh installed, which could be a bit expensive, repeaters and signal boosters have the habit of dropping the signal, try to get your own router and follow this instructions.

    There are few good routers on the market which provide stronger WiFi signal than Fizz's router/modem.

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    I would personally probably get an Wireless access point instead of a booster.

    Most Access points are more powefull than the WiFi included with the Fizz modem. You can just connect it to one of the LAN connections of the Fizz Modem and configure it (could even disable the Fizz modem WifI). Mounting it to ceiling like a "smoke detector" would give you great signal coverage, and probably be able to go to the basement.

    Otherwise, if you want to address just the basement, you can connect it to the Fizz modem, and if you have a closet nearby and you could get an ethernet cable from the 2nd floor to the basement, you can then put the access point in the basement directly. Not always an easy task however.

    There are many different options, depends on your budget also, because some solutions, can get pricey quite fast.

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    Hi @Sebacom

    You could use a "PLC" for "Powerline Carrier". The electrical circuit of your home is then used as "internet wiring".

    It is generally cheaper than a mesh network or an additional router transformed into an access point. Look for "PLC Ethernet" or "Powerline Networking Extender" in any good electronics store, it should have an Ethernet port.

    1. First you connect an ethernet cable from the router to the first powerline socket connected to the wall
    2. Then the second device in the electric socket to the distant room where there will also be an ethernet cable (or alternatively a Wi-Fi signal) from the socket to the device/computer/cell/whatnot . There will be a loss of bandwidth depending on the quality of the electrical circuit, but what is left is faster than what Fizz can provide.

    So no ethernet cable inside walls, just one from router to device #1 if you want to optimize bandwidth and also reduce Wi-Fi exposure (if it matters to you). And maybe device #2 to computer or tv-setup.

    Another solution is the mesh network as explained by others. You'd have to put Fizz device in bridge mode which is usually recommended for large areas or if you want WIFI-6. Definitely more expensive but might be a stronger signal (but not necessarily faster since to go through floors you'll probably have to resort to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi).