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Kevin D. 14212
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Hello guys! I'm currently camping in Gaspésie, Qc. and i need some data, would any one kindly help me?

My code is 6FNH6

Thanks lots!



  • I don’t understand your question. Do you have already a Fizz SIM card? If you do, when you will be on wifi, you will be able to activate a forfait for the next month so September by using the Fizz website. If you don’t I don’t think it will be possible because you have nowhere to deliver it. I hope you will enjoy your vacation. Gaspésie is beautiful.

    Bonne chance! 😉

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  • MathLaj
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    T'as eu tes données?

  • RyHi
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    I remember the good ol' days when camping was meant to help one disconnect from everyday life. Enjoy nature!

  • @MathLaj J'en ai eu mais si tu en as de plus je dirais pas non! Merci!

  • Kevin D. 14212
    Kevin D. 14212 Posts: 11
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    @RyHi Thanks! I've seen you comment this on multiple posts, i guess people like me use data to get around, find different spots and interact with people we've met. so we are still disconnecting from everyday life, just using different tools such as our phones to enhance our trips!

  • Dave_17
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    Good luck!

  • Have fun!