Can't login to Mobile app after changing wifi password

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When I try to login with my old password, I get in but it then says I need to relogin and I can't access anything. When I try my new password it says its incorrect. I don't know what to do.

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    Hi Lewis_Mackay27,
    You can performa factory reset of the modem by using a sharp object to press on thesmall button in the orifice behind the modem for 10 seconds, then letthe modem reboot itself so to reset the access password to the default one which can be found on the back of the modem.

    Then, you'll be able to change your Wi-Fi password again.

    Todo so:

    From the Fizz Wi-Fi app:

    Goto My Wi-Fi->My Wi-Fi networks-select the 1st one on thetop->Wi-Fi details->Wi-Fi password-> change it here->Saveto save the changes.

    1) Open a web browser on any device and navigateto:

    2)Connect using the following information:


    Password:xxxxxxxx (enter the new password you selected during initialconfiguration)

    3) Navigate to to the following section to makeany changes:

    Wireless→ Basic Settings → 2.4GHz → set password at bottom left

    Enterthe password and click on the "Save Changes" button

    Thankyou very much for your understanding.

    Havea good one!



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    @Lewis_Mackay27 You can try to clean the applications cache or uninstall it and reinstall

    Or you can always use the web browser or

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    Set to Factory settings

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