Fizz EXT: moving from Montreal to Toronto

Vu P.
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Hi there! So recently I moved to Toronto after years living Montreal. I noticed that my network became Fizz EXT. I'm still able to use my data plan and calls, but do I have to change plan or change to another provider in long terms? Thank you so much!


  • Yeah, you are on partner network, you need to change. I suggest Virgin Mobile for the operator.

  • Vu P.
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    So do I need to contact Fizz first in order to end the contract with them (mine renews on the 29th) or I just come directly to new provider and change it?

  • Dave_17
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    Go directly to the provider and they will transfer your number.

  • ValentinMTL
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    You cannot have more than 50% of your usage on a Fizz partner network for 3 consecutive months. Since you moved to Toronto, there is no more Videotron (Fizz) network, just Fizz Ext. You cannot stay with Fizz.

  • Sorry to see you go so soon, but please not that there is no contract with Fizz, it is monthly payments and pre-paid.

  • You will eventually need to change, but it will work fine for the first month or so

  • Doomdrou
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    You will have to change in the next three months, because Fizz will deactivate your access to their partner network if you spend the majority of your time outside the subscription zone (most of Quebec) for more than three months.

    If you want to change providers, just go to another one and transfer your phone number. This will cancel your subscription with Fizz.

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