Help! IPTV not working on Samsung Tizen 8 TV but works on magbox

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My IPTV stopped working and it seems to be isolated to my Samsung Tizen Tv 8, i have a smarthub app on it. My other TV is not smart and has a magbox and no issues with it.

Can anyone help me make it work on my Samsung again... been 2 days now and i cannot watch the news :(

not an issue with Fizz or the IPTV just the samsung TV. please help!!!!

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  • ColinCreado
    ColinCreado Posts: 133 ✭✭
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    So its working today... i dont know why.

    For those that have this problem, i didn't install any VPN, and 3 days later my Samsung tv is no longer blocking the IPTV for whatever reason. The issue was not related to the IPTv subscription as i confirmed directly with them. if it was i would have seen that it showed the screen where it says i don't have a subscription.

    i don't know why its working again, i access my IPTV via the Smart STB app. so gonna close this ticket.


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