NETGEAR Nighthawk Routeur mobile Hotspot Mr1110

Do you know if this router is working with a Fizz data only plan ?

Also... what will happen when I will be on a FIZZ EXT territory ? Will it work everywhere in Canada ???? In the USA ???

Or I should go with a main stream provider ???

Thanks in advance


  • Mike
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    the router has LTE 4 therefore should work with Fizz

    if you have a Canadian coverage you can use every where you have a signal in Canada

    The same thing if you have a US Plan

    however, you cannot use for more the 3 consecutive months in Fizz Ext

  • DinoS
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    Yes. You just need change APN set in router.

    3 months continuing fizz-ext will let your fizz card data suspended. Used between fizz and fizz-ext is fine.