For the nerds: any recommended modem alternatives?

Manny L.
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Assuming I'm already using the Fizz CODA modem in bridge mode, would another modem improve stability and performance?

If so, is there a recommended list of modem brands or modem types that are compatible with the Fizz service?

Will Netgear modems work?

Also, will the CODA modem work with other internet service providers? Or only with Fizz?


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  • Zenthar
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    I don't think you can use your own modem, you have to use the one provided by Fizz (but it's free); as to whether or not you could reuse it with another provider is up to that other provider I supposed, but since there is some level of customization in the software, it might not work either.

    As @ClientCG you can put the modem in bridge mode and then use your own router, but like standalone modems, I believe you can only use 1 router directly connected to the modem (you can technically plug a router in another router, but unless you know about the IP layers and such things, I would advise against it). Whether or not it improves stability and speed depends on what might be causing issues currently, if the problem is upstream (fizz modem itself, Fizz cable or network) then it won't change a thing, but if the problem is poor wifi performance and loss of wifi signal in the home, pretty much any router would be better than Fizz's.

    Personally I use a very basic TP-Link Archer A9 (80$), nothing to rave about, but I get full 132Mbps (over AC band) out of my 120Mbps connection, same as my wired PCs.


  • ClientCG
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    I don't think you can use 2 modems. If you use the Fizz equipment in bridge mode, this will be the modem without any wifi network. You can then add your own wifi routeur.

    A good one is the linksys WRT1900ACS (or the WRT line). You can configure and personalized a lot of things on this one.

  • gogoer
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    It's impossible to use other cable modem, only use fizz modem because the cable modem data needs to be verified in videotron's server end. If videotran allows you to use one modem that you brought somewhere else, your cable modem data have to be written into its server. If ok, everyone will do it.

  • Manny L.
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    So just to be sure, I can't replace the Fizz CODA modem with another modem? I keep having connection problems and Fizz says it's not the network, and I know it's not my routers since I've changed those a lot, so the problem must be my modem. I really want to try with another modem, has no one done this?

  • redhead
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    You HAVE to use Fizz’s modem to access the Internet. However, you can put the modem in bridge mode and use your own router. Any router will work. If you have a large home, it’s worth investing in a mesh system but they can get pricey.

  • DinoS
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    It's decent modem with wifi already. If you insist, you can always set up the modem in bridge modem, and use your own wireless router. You need a mesh router in $200 range.

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