fizz data sim not working on pocket routers?

i have a 0 min 0 text, 20g sim card, and i Huawei pocket router E5338, but its not working the sginal is red, and when i login to the router web settings , it says no service, invalid sim or no sim, what should i do, i only have one cellphone and it has my other fizz sim with texting and calling , so i can only have one in the phone

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    I have a doubt about that. The device need to support 1700/2100ghz frequencies, in the manual it only says b4(aws) and no numbers while the other bands have numbers.


    B1(2100)/B2(1900)/B4(AWS)/B5(850)/B8(900) MHz

    Can you by any chance borrow a sim card from a friend and try it ? Whatever the company may be.


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    Does the SIM card work in your mobile phone? If so, then it may be an issue with your pocket router

  • i ordered bought fizz sim card (empty)from couch tard, customized a plan 0 min 0 text, 20g data , and canda+us coverage , it works on the phone but i want it to be in the router so i can connectt my phone to it as wifi while using my other sim for textinf and callin , i also want to connect my laptop to it

  • Your setup makes sense.

    Maybe the pocket router is locked to a specific vendor (Bell, Rogers, etc.). Otherwise the pocket router may require some sort of configuration.

    Have you used it before with a Canadian wireless service? (To make sure it supports Canadian wireless frequencies)

  • i think its the configuration

    the device is not locked i bought in saudi and i used STC, mobily , Zain on it these are all GSM provider, i dont remeber goin throug the router setting before but those companies provide somthing called data only sim cards and dont have a phone number assoicated with them

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    The router apparently is comparible band 4 (page 9). If it's unlocked it should work.

    Seems like you have 2 sim cards try the other card see if it works (even if it's not data only all activated sim cards have and need a phone number and should work on your router at least the LTE service)

  • same issue

    its actually saying card invalid or no card found, as if there something needs to be enable but its def on fizz side,

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    You need configure APN of router. APN should be changed to .
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