Is it better to add spouse to my account or to "refeer a friend"?

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I have Fizz Home Internet for about a year and I've decided to move my number to Fizz Mobile as well, so I can use the upgrades/perks.

My wife is willing to do the same, leave the other mobile provider to get in to Fizz.

My question is: is it better to have two mobile plans + home internet plan at the same account or should I invite her using "refeer a friend" and we gift each other perks?

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  • Kaitlin Y.
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    Like others have said, the 2x $50 bonus is really appealing but also keep in mind, if you remain together or separate you can still share your data with each other. I guess the only thing to think about is if you want to be billed on the same bill or not.


  • PascualSanchez
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    Me and my girlfriend had the same question, she finally invited me to get the 50$ bonus each and it was worth it. I guess it depends on the temporary deal Fizz offer!

  • Princessa
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    Currently the referral bonus is at 50$ for each so it may be more worthwhile to refer. Hope this helps you :)

  • Zenthar
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    Without knowing the full lineup of perks for each level right now, it would be hard to tell, but 2x50$ is hard to beat in the short/medium term. With some forum activity, 1x Internet and 2x Mobile, I reached level 3 in 3 months so in terms of perks I have 1x 500MB mobile data, 2x 250MB mobile data, 1x 2$ Internet rebate and 1x1$ internet rebate. I read somewhere that once you reach level 3, you might also get better financing terms with PayBright (you probably already have that level if you had Internet for a while, you could always purchase a phone for her on your plan if it really matter, but you'd also get the extra XP).

  • Jacques_Assert
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    With a $50 referral (each!) it's hard to argue.

    It often makes sense to keep phones and Internet separate.

    Internet is associated to a place. Mobile phones to a person.

    When people move, the Internet is disrupted while the phone is not.

    Separating them allows you to pass on the Internet to new tenants while keeping the phone separate.

    Yes, I know you are supposed to send it back and order a new one.

    Go for it! Every three months with a new referral rebate too. :/

  • Faelirya
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    I really think it depends if you both prefer to be independant on what you pay or not (each person has its own stuff)

    If you go together, you'll get points faster and get more level rapidly

    If you go separate, you'll get 50$ each

  • Martin
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    Better to refeer , me i have 3 others cell on my account and it's useless

  • Zenthar
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    There is no "same bill" with Fizz, I have 3 services with them with the exact same anniversary date, but I'll see then as 3 différent bill un my account and I get 3 différent charges on my CC.

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