Redeeming Bill Rebate Perks

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Hi I was an internet customer but then transferred my mobile as well and received a bill credit as a perk promotion to entice me to switch. (plus there's the extra summer data and my virgin bill was going up)

But I'm not sure if I activated the perk right.

Here's what the perk says

$35 rebate on a mobile plan

This perk offers you a $35 rebate on one of your payments for your mobile plan.

10 days left

I signed up and paid my first month no problem. So then I activated the perk assuming it will take effect on my second bill. But the perk is saying its In Use with 10 days left but also my billing cycle is in 11 days. So will I get the rebate on my next bill?

The data perks are straight forward and the My Upgrades are clear when they take effect but this billing perk is not clear that it will come off my next bill or not.


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    our perks can have any one of the following status:

    1. In use: you’re currently enjoying it.
    2. Available: you can choose to activate and apply it to a plan, or gift it to another Fizz member if that option is available.
    3. Expired: you already used or gifted it, or the delay to activate it has expired.


    You can choose to apply all your perks at once on your plan, or spread them out.

    To apply a perk on your plan:

    If you have more than one plan in your account, you’ll be able to choose which plan will benefit from your perk. The delay to activate a perk is not the same from perk to perk, and each has its own duration.  

    1. Log into your account, and go to Overview
    2. In the left column, click on the summary that shows your My Rewards level. You can also scroll down below your usage summary to My Rewards and click on See details. 
    3. In the perks section, click on Available. 
    4. Click on the perk you’d like to activate. 
    5. Select Use to activate the perk on your plan. 
    6. Select the plan on which you’d like to apply it. 
    7. Your perk will be activated on the spot. 

  • Right but for bill payments its not clear based on the stated expiration dates that it will be applied at my next bill or when billing perks should be used. I assumed activating a not yet expired bill credit perk during a cycle will apply to the next bill but its saying the perk will expire before my billing cycle ends now, so I am not sure if I will get the discount or have to fight with customer service after the bill comes.

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