I need 8 points to get to 15,000 - billing cycle in 4 days. Who can help?

It seems like it’s a lot harder to get points around here now. Will the fizz community come through for me?

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  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 9,263

    Hi, reply to 3 questions and you're good to go.


  • Idefizz
    Idefizz Posts: 2,999

    Or just reply 3 times to the same question, even yours, like here 😉

    Any reply gives you 3 pts.

  • Dgjf
    Dgjf Posts: 3,052

    No one can :) On the new forum we cannot help people to get point anymore.

    You have to do it yourselft juste post 3 response and your are goo (3 point per answer)

  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 9,263

    Also if you answer 1 question within 5 minutes, it's 8 points right there.

    That's 5 pts added on your account and 3 pts on community + account. Tada!

  • deekiew
    deekiew Posts: 4

    I'm looking for info on how to earn points. Is there a link someone could provide? Thanks in advance!

  • dg1234
    dg1234 Posts: 3

    hi, Is there a link someone could provide on how to earn points?

  • Faelirya
    Faelirya Posts: 404

    I would be interested to know also

  • Kontrador
    Kontrador Posts: 453

    The only way is to post a lot on the forum - 3 pts per post.

    If one of your post is selected as the best answer, you get 50 pts.

  • FizzFanTim
    FizzFanTim Posts: 85

    I made it guys, thanks!

  • Faelirya
    Faelirya Posts: 404

    Congratz ! =)

    Sooo, what did you get at 15000 pts ?

  • Congrats! Does posting on your own question give you 3 pts? I didn't remember noticing that on my questions 🤔

  • ColinCreado
    ColinCreado Posts: 132

    Thanks for the info!

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