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Ying B.
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My internet plan cost went down in price. Do i need to do anything to get the lower price plan?

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  • Idefizz
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    Hello @Ying B.

    yes you need to update it yourself or chat with Fizz to get the lowest price. Otherwise you price will stay as is, to protect it from when pricing goes up. This must be done more than 48h before your cycle anniversary day.


    • Try to change your plan TWICE directly in your account
      1. change it temporarily to another speed (see How do I change my mobile plan? on how to do it)
      2. then do it again with your desired (original) speed.
      3. this should take effect on your next cycle
    • Or chat live with a Fizz representative. They can make an adjustment for you with a ticket to tech support to update the price.

  • FizzFanTim
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    Dgjf is correct!

  • Why don't people choose a slower speed for a day? ;)

    It might improve internal metrics too by looking like a recovery of revenue rather than a loss.

  • Zenthar
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    I think it's because Fizz tells that increase in speed are effective immediately but downgrading waits for the next period so if you try to swap to 60 then back to 120Mbps, the first one might nor register right away and thus the 2nd one might not work. Then again, perhaps people aren't willing to just test that theory lol.

  • Changing the plan should not require the 'new' plan to be active, but you are likely correct that no one wants to test the theory. ;)

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