Can I use my referral bonus to pay my internet bill

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Hi Moderator, I'm a long term Fizz mobile users since beginning. Now I may go to Montreal to continue my university education, and I need a internet.

My questions is: How can I use my referral bonus in my account to pay my internet bill? Can it be done?

Or I have to open a new internet account and get some referrals to offset my internet bill? Thanks very much if you can help me on that.

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  • Idefizz
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    Hi @DinoS

    My questions is: How can I use my referral bonus in my account to pay my internet bill? Can it be done?

    Yes you can use your referrals to pay the plan of your choice. In your account, down under the Communications section you will see the option (circled in red) to pick the plan that will receive the referral balance, part if not all, on its next billing day.

    After that, as pointed out in other responses, you will have to deal with how you depart with the modem once you leave MTL. If you bring it back home then it is only a move and you'll keep the service in your account (provided the address is serviceable, which you can test with a installation simulation or even subscribe now and then it move it twice). If you want to leave it to potential roommates, then addresses are important factors and may require some logistics:

    • payment modes require their addresses to be the same as the account's. Probably a prepaid card will be best.
    • email address used to sign up will have to be not too personal as it will stay attached (tho replaceable but only by chatting with Fizz).

    Then again, you need to do some maths regarding Upgrades vs. Rewards vs. Referrals. And also when you do a Referral activation (during the normal 25$ offer or on special occasions when it jumps to 50$).

    As for roommates, the more you are using it, the more speed you will need, and that impacts a bit the price.

    Finally, strongly consider having your own router to optimize your wifi service. That too could tip the balance either way.

  • StefanM
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    Your referral balance will always be used first, regardless of whether it’s a mobile plan or internet plan. Referrals are always applied to the whole account. However, I would strongly suggest, you refer yourself. Create a new account for your internet and use the referral code from your mobile account. That way you are getting 50$ (25+25) out of it. If Fizz is running a promotion it could even be 100$ (50+50).

    Hope this helps :)


  • Jacques_Assert
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    Assuming that you are *not* living alone, there is value in having a separate account for Internet as you can potentially transfer it to your roommates if you leave and they want to keep the Internet without it interfering with your mobile account.

    If you set up a new account, you can also use your own referral code to benefit both ways.

    But if you have a couple of $2 upgrades available for Internet already on your existing mobile account, and you are living alone, then there is marginal benefit in setting up a new account.

  • samisheikh
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    In order to best answer this question, Can you please elaborate what services do you currently have in your account? Usually your first service(I.E. your cellphone would use your referral bonus credit). Assuming that you no longer have any services and Internet is the only thing you'll have in your account then yes you would be able to do that.

    However if you also have a cellphone then the referral credit would be applied to your cellphone bill. I hope this answers your question.

  • Ali S. #829
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    Yes, I have done that. Fizz uses your referral balance first and then your cc will be used.

  • DinoS
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    Thanks. I didn't see the "Plan receiving the referral bonus" option though, maybe I only have one Fizz mobile account here :)

    I may just setup up an account as @stefanM suggested and I can keep my old Fizz mobile grandfathered price as well.

    Thanks for all your answers. Appreciated. it.

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