Rate increase

Why are you raising rates? The CRTC ordered Rogers to lower cost for consumers.

Note: India is sick...Must we pay more because they are malade.

Fizz is malade - and may FIZZ OUT soon

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  • StefanM
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    The big advantage I still see with Fizz is the data roll-over and the upgrades. If I had to choose between same priced plans, I would choose fizz because of those features.


  • M. Pelardeau - Your unscrupulous methods resemble BELL.

  • Dgjf
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    What your point ? You talk about the 3$ increase for the really low price of people who are here from the begining ?

    For me Fizz have really competitive price so i dont see where is the complain ?

  • Today $3 tomorrow $XXX...Never ending plundering for corporate greed. Not being a Billionaire - I can't afford to over charge my customers.

  • If you monoliths hadn't forced Sugar mobile out - We would have service across North America for $19/month cdn.

    Long live the Corrupt Corps controlling the CRTC.

  • Olga P. #15146
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    It's really strange that Fizz decides to rise the price by 3$. By me, they will loose some customers and for sure will not gain new ones, because i just take a look at prices on the market fizz 4-5gb package is the same as big tech guys like Rogers or Tellus. Even Virgin has already a package of 6gb for 40$ so it'S no brain to choose Fizz over Virgin. And it's expect that based on CRTC decision, the big companies will be forced to decrease they prices in the next months. I have no idea what is Fizz thinking with this move. My husband decided to move to fizz lately, but with this increase he got Virgin instead.

    By me, really bad decision by Fizz, even if is "only" 3$.

  • I think you are mixing the prices, as soon as you compare Quebec prices (Fizz still its the best option)

    Virgin 5GB = $45

    Fido 5 GB = $45

    Fizz 5GB =41 (with data rollover)

    Virginmobile doesn't have 6gb plans neither fido all go again at 10 GB =$50

    CRTC decision killed all the  MVNOs so the market will stay the same...

  • Olga P. #15146
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    Haha, my comments are not any more authorized:-D

  • Olga P. #15146
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    Just check the Fido offer for Quebec 10Gb for 30$

  • Olga P. #15146
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    Virgin is sending ready to go sim cards with 6Gb-40$ in everyone mailbox.

  • Olga P. #15146
    Olga P. #15146 Posts: 719

    Here you go: https://www.fido.ca/promotions/special-offers?ecid=SOC_F0145_F_WIR_Jan_21_CAI_I7FCE1&gcm_uid=0&dclid=CLPWp7PL3u4CFVLEwAodRFMPnQ

  • Ali S. #829
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    Thanks! Although promo price is only valid for 10 months, I think it is worth transferring my line.

  • Samuel B. 27103
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    I don't know if the 3$ increase apply to everyone, but I'm my case, i knew for long I had a price unstainable. I just hope Fizz won't end-up raising their price once oe twice a year like this.

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