two payments ?

I had a double payment today + an email saying that the payment didn't go through.
Trying to find the hours the customer service is open is looping back to the Solution Hub welcome page. If it is open at this moment, I can't see the chat bubble.
How do I get this issue resolved ?

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  • Mestapha
    Mestapha Posts: 152
    Hi Alex
    Theres a lot of people having payment issues. Plz, don't ask for help at support, its a Known bug. Report it if there's still a problem in a couple day!
    Have a great day! :)
  • Kariann
    Kariann Posts: 98
    Fizz have some trouble with the payment. Please don't contact them about it. They are working on it. If the problem is still there after couples of days, contact them!
    Good luck and have a nice day! :)
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