how to enable pay-per-use?

I'm having hard time to understand how to enable pay-per-use in my account. My current plan has unlimited voice/text, Canada coverage and voicemail, no data. This cost me $24.00 a month. Now in my account page I found "Wallet" and "Add-ons", but I'm not sure how this is used: do I adjust the plan and change voice/text from unlimited to zero and then top up money in Wallet to whatever amount I think is reasonable for me? On the other hand, Add-ons also have some minutes and text plans. I'm confused. Please help!

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  • MichelP
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    If you decide to get only the Canada coverage on your monthly Fizz plan:
    You decide to pay per usage;first, add money in your wallet depending of your usage.
    Each call cost .30$ per minute and each text: .05$
    Or you buy add-ons:
    Calls: 3.00$ for 60 minutes, 10,00$/ 300 minutes
    and 3,00$ for 200 texts.


  • Dgjf
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    You can set your plan to the minimum so 10$ per month and put cash on your Wallet. So you will pay per minute and text. Its work really well. Have a nice day :)
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