How to transfer Fizz plan from a Fizz account to another Fizz account?

I have my account Fizz with mobile and internet plan. I created another account for another plan to my sibling. I would like to merge accounts to facilitate management.
It is possible to merge Fizz accounts?
how to do it?

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  • Linkin
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    That would be great then you will have extra points and lvls


  • You maybe already try it but chat with the costumer service. Had to do it and they really helped
  • Justin
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    Hi Hicham,

    Sorry, you cannot merge two Fizz account.
    You can simply have two plans in the dame account.
    For that, you will need to cancel one of the account/plan and than open in the other account.

    Good luck
  • MichelP
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    You cannot move from one Fizz account to another.
    It's impossible.
  • oberon
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    I would cancel the sibling account and add another plan to your account.
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