How to unlock puk code

Can't use phone has a puk code on it


  • what is a puk code ?
  • Linkin
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    I believe this code will be on the original card of your sim
  • Kraff
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    Maybe that will answer your question :
    "Where to find your PUK code:
    Log into your Fizz account and go to My Plans.
    Click on Manage and then Unblock SIM card.
    Click the slider to reveal your PUK code.
    Type this code into your phone to unblock your SIM."
  • Dgjf
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    @Kraff give you a link to help you but thank to you i now know what a puk code is. Have a nice day :)
  • MichelP
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    Are you sure that your phone is unluck?
    Please, contact your old provider to unlock your phone.
    This one must do it for free. It's the law.
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