So close to get my objective?

Hi community,
I'd join Fizz 1 month ago today (with a plan) and im like 500 points short to be level 5!! That was my main objective! I would really appreciate a final help please!
Thank you and have a wonderful day! :)

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  • Thanks all! Yeah I plan to stay active in the forum for sure! I may help my girlfriend to get her level 5 as well! But 3 slots was my first main goal, my second goal is to catch up on Mike!!
    Hahahaha :p
  • Dgjf
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    @Julie you have to answer every question, every day for the month (almost) to get there. Its depend of the month too. More question people ask and more you can have point. Im level 4 after 14 days and try to get the 5 before my first month too. So mutch fun :) Have a nice day :)

    @Alexandre good luck with your girlfriend account its nice of you to do it :)
  • Good job, way faster than I did.
  • Well done. Kudo for you!
  • cristi
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    Excellent job. I think Fizz loves you ! Congrats
  • oberon
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    Excellent job.
  • Cédric
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    A kudo here. Good luck!
  • NinjaBunga
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    You were quick, I am with fizz for abobut 2 years and I am trying to get to level 5! Congrats ;)
  • Idefizz
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    I didn't know there were objectives until recently lol.
    I missed the kudo memo :-)
    Good 4 u!
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