Suddenly constant spam phone calls

Why all of the sudden after years am I getting constant spam phone calls.
They are always from 343-202-.... Phone numbers. Does fizz have some issue since they all seem to come from that block of phone numbers?


  • 343202xxxx is fizz number pool got Ottawa area. Spammer use a device + fizz sim to call. Not too much you can do in your side unfortunately.
  • MichelP
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    Sorry, it happens sometimes to me getting spam calls too.
    Please, try if you can to block this number
    and dont answer if you dont know who's calling.
  • redhead
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    I use a free app to block spammers but also has visual voicemail. Just Google "visual voicemail with spam blocking".
  • Need method to block are code. Enabling all android blocking etc options didn't stop calls today.
    There was some articles online saying the carrier's can do something to prevent the spoofing....
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