Transfer my old phone number to Fizz on exact day?

I am finishing contract with Bell on February 28th. Can I transfer my phone number to Fizz on exactly March 1st ?


  • MichelP
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    Yes, you can.
    Dont forget that your Bell's mobile account must be active if you need to transfert your phone number with Fizz.
    Get before on hand a Fizz sim card.
    When you will activate your Fizz mobile plan and for the transfert, get your Bell's account number and the IMEI of your phone (types: *#06#, a serial of 15 digits).
    You can apply a Fizz referral code from a friend when you are activating your first Fizz plan (when you see the monthly cost of the plan without taxes).
    You will get a rebate of 25$ when you will do your second payment.
    .If you need a referral code, see this list:
    Welcome to Fizz!
  • victor P. #24677
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    Hi Peter,
    Yes you can transfer your phone number to Fizz but only if your Bell account is paid to date.
    For that you will need to have a Fizz SIM card and your phone to be Unlocked for all networks.
    The activation of the cellular service usually takes few minutes but glitches may occur so if I were you, I will do the transfer one day before just to be sure.
    If you need a $25 referral code you can use mine ( 4QZDO ) but don’t forget to use when you order the service not after.
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