Thinking of switching from Virgin to Fizz home internet. Is a good idea?

FizzyFizz JQMPM
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Hi community! As the title says I was thinking about this switch. I'm currently with a $40 / 25mbps plan with virgin mobile. The speed is good, but the connection is very unstable. It often cuts off (not only on wi-fi). Since my girlfriend is working from home now, a better perfoming internet connection would be desirable. I'd say I will opt for a 60 mbps or faster plan. If I'm not mistaken, virgin connection is by telephone cable while fizz is on TV cable. Given that, is there a chance to have an improved stability? Also could someone from Montreal confirm that the speed is comparable to what is declared? I also read something about the not so good quality of fizz modem. Since I live in a small apartment, do you think it's coverage will be enough?
Thank you!


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