Internet plan upgrade?

I have 120Mbps plan. It was at the start of Fizz internet, so it was offered at a special discounted price with the condition that the price will not change as long as the plan is not changed. Now that 200Mbps is available from Fizz, if I change to 200Mbps, will the older discount be applicable, and I need to add only the difference between 120Mbps and 200Mbps or I have pay the current 200Mbps price? Thank you.


  • Mike
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    Hi Kamalini

    You will pay the price shown, and you can never go back to your price. At every change you will pay the current price.

    This is for the stablization price for the mobile but the same rule apply for the beta internet price
  • StefanM
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    Unfortunately, no. Once you change your plan the price will change as well because you are concluding a new contract. I wish I could give you better news. Unless you don't need to absolutely change, I would suggest staying with your old plan.
  • I switched to the 200 and i see little to no difference to the 120, dont switch.
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