How to add United States of America's zone and keep old plan

I currently pay 28$ for 2GB of data and simply want to add United States of America for a 2 months travel. Since Fizz is a web platform, I always thought the goal was to achieve more flexibility, but weirdly enough I am unable to change my current plan. Today, I got an offer from another company that is cheaper (including US) and allows me to rollback to canada once the trip finished. Should I go with this company or will you prove me that you can be more flexible? Thanks

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  • William A. #3398
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    Thanks for all your replies! I understand that I must cancel my plan and go with another company! Cheers. William
  • JoanMr
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    Hey, is your question answered by now? If not, let us know! And if it is, please choose a best answer and close this topic :)
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