Canada/Us calling?

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I have signed up to this plan. I want to know if my phone and service will work WHEN I am in the US also? Can I call local there or to Canada from the US while I'm there (in addition to calling US while I'm in Canada?)


  • Code_KRUEW
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    In Canada, you can call US or Canadian numbers.
    In US, you can call US or Canadian numbers.
    In Canada and US, your data will be available if you turn on roaming. Texting to international numbers. Receiving calls is included.
  • MichelP
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    If you have chosen the Canada/USA coverage, you'll able to get your Fizz mobile service everywhere.
    The only restriction is not to exceed 50% of your total usage on the Fizz's partner zone more than 3 consecutive months because Fizz can block your account after this period.
    Fizz's partners zone is for an occasionnal use.
  • So_AR
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    It's should work
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