Why can I receive MMS from Canada but not USA?

A little background:
I have Full Unlimited US and Canadian Coverage.
Mobile Data works fine and is always on.
Making and receiving calls works all the time.
I cannot receive MMS from the USA but I CAN send them.
I can send and receive MMS from Canada without issue.
I have an Android Blackberry Key2 LE on 8.1.0.
I have used all combination of APN parameters provided by fizz, and the community, and still cannot receive MMS from USA.
I have factory reset the phone twice, and not installed or done anything else before testing this problem(i.e. no contacts or cache issue)
I know at least one other Videotron Subscriber that has the same problem, and neither technical support team can, or care to, do anything about it.
If anyone has experience with this specific Issue I would appreciate any insight you may have.


  • Code_KRUEW
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    First question, if you click on the message, does it download? If yes, then it is most probably because you are roaming. Check your settings in your SMS app. There should be a setting that allows you to "Auto-download MMS when roaming".
  • JoanMr
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    Hey, is your problem fixed by now? If not, let us know! And if it is, please choose a best answer and close this topic :)
    Have a great evening !
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