Is it possible that Bell did a better job at blocking spam call than Fizz?

I have just switched two lines over from Bell to Fizz. When I was with Bell, I used to receive a lot of spam calls but the volume went down by a lot in the last months. Now, that I just switch to Fizz, spam calls are back in big volume (5+ calls per day) on my two lines.
Is it possible that Bell was doing a better job at blocking the calls at the source?


  • Thanks for the share
  • It’s all automated, just working through a list of numbers.
  • It could be but i think they just get a random list of number and makd these calls
  • I think it's a coincidence.
    But you can subscribe to Canada's National Do Not Call List at this link:

    Its will drastically reduce the number of telemarketing calls you are going to receive
  • I don't have any spam calls with Fizz
  • Andrej
    Andrej Posts: 117
    There are calm periods when I don't get any spam call and then all of a sudden I get 10 calls in a week. It seems like an organize group going through same stolen number database or something. I'd appreciate if Fizz did a betetr job at blocking those numbers.
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