How good is internet speed?

Would you say 120mb speed is good enough?


  • Evan Z.
    Evan Z. Posts: 50 ✭✭
    Hey Charlotte,
    Mattew provided a great link that helps determine what your household needs are.
    Anecdotal experience: We are 3 people in our house (one user considered a power user), have no TV but lots of streaming services. We normally have about 3-5 devices connected and in use at the same time (TV, phones, computers ect.). We have the 120mpbs, the extra speed is appreciated for people who do big bulky downloads often (downloading games), while also providing a seamless experience for multiple streams going on. Streaming you typically need 15-20mpbs for good quality, netflix claims 5mpbs for HDbut in my experience the extra is needed so that others can have a good experience also. It all really depends on number of users, and what kind of users they are.
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