Couchetard sims card?

I know we can buy sims cards at Couchetard. I saw on the community Canada post is taking forever to deliver. I passed by 3 couchetard in Montreal and all were out of them. Is there a way to know which Couchetard has some without having to call or visit all of the stores?

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  • Mike
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    Non, you can have only the map to know which one are supposed to have it.
    You can try to call them.

    Recently I read some users saying that they received the SIM in 3 days with CanadaPost.


  • Stanley M.
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    All right then it's back to what I thought at first. Thanks
  • roch-andre
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    If I'm not mistaken the sim card are the other side of the counter so you have to ask
  • Kurt V.
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    Trial and error I think
  • Damek G.
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    Hi Stanley,
    My friend ordered his sim about a week or so and received it in 2 days. Although, we are up North towards Mirabel.
    Lastly, here’s a link for the Couche-Tard’s in your area. Like Mike said, call them to see if they have any left to avoid unnecessary travel for nothing.
    Good Day!
  • Pascal
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    I don’t know where you live but couche tard to Montréal got Fizz SIM cards
  • It’s a huge problem trying to search sim at couch yard, just order it online
  • MichelP
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    Maybe, it will be faster to order a sim card on the web site of Fizz.
  • sokarina
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    Try ordering online i believe the delivery time is back to it's usual in some places
  • Is it solved? Can we close this question?
  • Stanley M.
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    Yes it is.
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