Calling from CA to USA with CA+USA Coverage

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What is the definition of CA USA coverage?
Does it only include using in that region locally?
Or can I make cross-border calls from either location while I'm on said plan?
eg. I can use minutes+sms+data in CA.
eg. I can use minutes+sms+data in US.
eg. Can I make calls from CA to US incl. in said plan?
eg. Can I make calls from US to CA incl. in said plan?


  • MichelP
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    It's yes for all your exemples.
    But there is only one important rule to respect for Fizz:
    When you are using Fizz's partner provider (Fizz ext) :
    It must be for an occasional usage.
    Fizz has a rule for the usage of Fizz's partner provider: Not exceed 50% of all your montly usage more than 3 consecutives months,
    After this period, Fizz can cancel your mobile plan.
  • Code_KRUEW
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    I have Canada+USA Coverage and it allows me to:
    * use my minutes+sms+data while I am in Canada or in the USA (not Puerto Rico)
    * no long distance charges to call a number in Canada or in the USA
    So basically, the answers to all of your questions (minus the definition one) is YES.
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