Treat a friend to a free BIXI ride

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Discover Montreal while riding one of the 4000 colourful Fizz bikes. Cruising around with BIXI will even give you the opportunity to treat a friend to a free ride.  


 To see how it works, visit 


The Fizz Team


  • BIXI rides are fun! Especially in the rain or extreme heat! I wish there were free rides with taxi service as an option
  • Thanks Alexander that was the best laugh I had all day! If you hadn't of said it I'm sure I would've thunk it!
  • Thanks for the update
  • oberon
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    Thank you Fizz.
  • This will be usefull for the summer !!

  • Dgjf
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    July 2020 what are this ? This is done is the past right ? I dont get this old thread ressurection ?

  • @oberon unburied this post! It's for 2020.

  • Idefizz
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    I guess @oberon and @Brandon Y. are eager to bike soon. We all want to go out. 🌡️🌞

    Even old posts now want to go out 🤡

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