Will the techinician come into my house?

Tai N.
Tai N. Posts: 2
hi im new to fizz internet and i was wondering if the techinician will install the internet himself or he will just drop the modem inront of my door. thanks


  • Mike
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    If you already have the coaxial cable, the technician will test the cable from outside and leave the modem to your door.
  • FizzFanTim
    FizzFanTim Posts: 85
    Fizz allows you to install the internet yourself once the technician verifies the internet signal is entering the home. There’s also a VIP option where the technician does everything for $30. Installing it yourself is really easy for most people with even limited technical skills.
  • Fizzy
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    Hi Tai,

    Good question during this difficult pandemic. Please see points 2 and 3 here:
  • You can do it your self
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