Can I keep my number?

Hello, I am looking to join fizz for a mobile plan. I am currently with virgin mobile on a prepaid plan. I was wondering if I could keep my current phone number when I join with you.


  • Takion
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    When you will activate your phone you will have an option to transfer you phone number then fizz will take care of transferring you number to the fizz network you will also need you other provider account #. this transfer could take up to 24 hours. there is nothing else to do on your part
  • EdmTrance
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    Hi Riad!
    On fizz your can keep your number, just don't close your Virgin Account. If you close your virgin account, the number is not anymore for you.
    It's been a pleasure to assist you today! Have a great day! :)
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  • MichelP
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    First, dont close your plan with Virgin.
    You have to order your sim card of Fizz or buy it at Couche-Tard.
    Activate your sim card when received, choose your mobile plan and ask for the transfert of your phone number from Virgin to Fizz, you need to have your account number to Virgin
    And maybe , you need the IMEI of your phone (#06#).
    After this transfert, your account to Virgin will be closed.
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