Can I change my billing date ? without having to suspend my line and reopen it on the desire date ?

I would like to have the billing on the 1st week of the month. is there any way to modify it ?


  • Beter
    Beter Posts: 131
    Unfortunately no cuz that would mean you re not paying the amount per date
  • sman
    sman Code de référence: ☞ NPONZ ☜Posts: 2,052
    HI Alix,
    no that option do not exist the payment is done the day before your subscription anniversary
  • Damek G.
    Damek G. Posts: 142
    Hi Alix,
    I’ve inform myself too in the past about that and it would seem as you can’t change it just like that.
    If you really need to change it, you would need to suspend your account/service and put it back in service the day that you want to be charged.
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