Receiving invoices by email?

I would like to receive Fizz invoices by email but I'm not sure if it's possible?


This would be extremely helpful as I have to expense my phone bills every month, and having them sent to me by email would make the process as painless as forwarding the bill to expensify. Right now as it stands I have to login to the Fizz portal, find the transaction, print to to PDF and upload it there afterwards, which is slightly irritating process.


Does that feature already exist, or is there a way to send this as a feature request?






  • Marisol G.
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    You can't do that sorry
  • MichelP
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    You cant receive your montly invoice by email.
    If you want see and print it .
    Go to your account.
    Click on: my plans
    Click on: transactions historic
    Choose the invoice you want to see.
  • Unfortunately, but it's not possible. But you can find your invoices in transaction history tab.
  • Nini G. #13860
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    Unfortunately, it’s not an option.
  • Mo A.
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    There is no option to get the invoice by email, but you can send and email to : [email protected] and explain your situation may be you'll get a solution.
    Hope this help
  • contact fizz
  • mwong
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    You can download the PDF agreemet in "My Plan", it's the invoice.
  • redhead
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  • Fizz is relatively new, give them time.
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