What are all the details of adding users?

I have a few questions about the "Add User" option in Fizz :

  1. Can I share my plan with the user? i.e. my 8gb, my unlimited national calls will be shared with the user and my monthly bill will continue to be the 30+$/month?
  2. Will the new user need an account (login) in Fizz to be able to be added?
  3. Can I buy a SIM and give it to the person I want to add and (s)he will be able to create a Fizz associated phone number?
  4. Can I add more than 1 extra user to my plan (if point 1 is affirmarive)

I want to add my dad so he can make/receive calls and check his WhatsApp, but I want to know what will that cost extra on a monthly basis.


Thank you!


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