Balance to pay monthly bill.

Olivier R. #3666
Olivier R. #3666 Posts: 1,715 ✭✭
Hello did you think it can be a good idea if fizz allow paying monthly plan with a balance? For exemple paying one year in advance ?


  • SW_Sk8
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    It would be great having the option to pay for a year at a time as an option. everyone has their own reason/preference for liking month to month vs yearly, I personally don’t like that you can only use a credit card, I would prefer automatic withdrawal but this is preference and another topic.
  • Mathieu B. 1569
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    Hi Olivier, I don't remember seeing a mobile company offering this kind of payment plan. It may actually be against the Quebec legislation to have a yearly payment, although after a quick Google search, I could not find something to back this up.
  • lsabelle
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    Yes you can do that with other prepaid company. Well at least the one I know about.

    You can put funds in you account, when you want and how much you want. And when the billing time comes, the money is taken from the money you have in the account and if there's not enough the balance will be taken from your credit card.
  • Toe
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    Yes it's something fizz missed. Also no where to buy voucher neither.
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