Any1 else?

Any1 else thinks that we should have direct possibility to edit fonts and such directly while writing a post/ reply and other features/ topic sections we could socialize on the fizz hub? Like a Coffee lounge or such? Besides those minimal stuff, can we all agree, that except some slight hiccups, Fizz is an amazing mobile network idea and has quite high potential with their unique features? :D


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    If you use the html editor, you can specify different font sizes or write html directly (with the html button).
  • You mean like a fizzbook?
  • You can use different types of fonts, colours, sizes and other text features.  But do we really want easy access to it?


    IMHO, It’s too many bells and whistles

  • Yolo
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    @Andre maybe cuz I am lazy :V maybe cuz not everyone does know css/ bb codes usage and sometimes yeah.. just being chill and fun :V
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    @Andre I call in.. DA HAX
  • GBy_6B8OA
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    test bvcccbxvc    vv bcv c

    ags Empty tags should go!  
    Remove tags with one   This makes no sense! x
    Remove span tags Span tags with all styles
    Remove images I am an image: laughing
    Remove tables Takes everything out of the table.  
    Replace table tags with structured divs This text is inside a table.  
    Remove comments This is only visible in the source editor x
    Encode special characters
    ☺ ★ ><
    Set new lines and text indents Organize the tags in a nice tree view.  


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    I agree!

    Well! That's nice! Thanks for the tip!
  • Martin
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    Thank you @André
  • I also think that Fizz is an amazing network!
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    I don't think so
  • MichelP
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    I'm not sure for my concern,
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