can i change my appointement time

can i change my appointment today?


  • poker85
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    Chat with the support !!!
  • Mike
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    Yes you can


    You can log into your Fizz account to reschedule or cancel your technician visit up to 20 hours before your appointment. Service calls (for repairs), however, are the exception. 

    To reschedule your technician appointment:
    1. Log into your account and go to Manage plan.
    2. Click on Appointments.
    3. Here you will be able to see a complete list of all your past and future appointments.
    4. Scroll to the appointment you wish to modify.

    • To reschedule an appointment, click on Reschedule.
      • This will open the booking interface. Select a new day and time slot and click Save.
      • Beware — if you just finished scheduling your appointment, please allow a 3-hour delay for the Reschedule button to appear in your account.

    • To cancel an appointment, click on Cancel.
      • On the next screen, confirm that you wish to cancel this appointment by clicking Cancel again.


    The Reschedule and Cancel buttons won't be visible in your account within 20 hours of the appointment time, because the tool cannot change the technician's schedule for the day. In this case, you have to contact us to modify your appointment.

    To reschedule or cancel on the same day as your appointment, you must do so via a member of our Customer Service team : simply log into your Fizz account and click on the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page during our business hours.




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    Consider that you can only change the appointment of your installation of internet until 20 hours before this appointment.
    If this delay is OK.
    You can do this online:
    Get to your Fizz account and open a session online.
    Click: Plans
    Click : Manage plans
    Click: Appointments
    Click: Reschedule
    And register : save
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    yes i had the same isssue
    You have to contact support they will open a ticket and they will get back to you after 24 hours
  • please contact the support
  • yes you can change an appointment, buy today is quite last minute so I'm not sure.
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