Voicemail upgrade pushed back?

I've had the Free Voicemail upgrade on my account for several months. I applied it immediately but it was always greyed out. Last month, when I hovered over it, it showed a bubble stating it would be applied on November 15th, which made sense because that's my billing date. Now I looked at it again and it says December 15th?!?! Are people still having to crawl over hot coals to get their VM upgrade? I heard rumours about this when I first joined Fizz but I thought it would be fixed by now, like the other issues. Do I have to bug them every month to make sure I get my upgrade?


  • Kovid
    Kovid Posts: 588 ✭✭
    My free VM upgrade disappeared from my upgrade list.
    I thought it was due to the revamp of the reward program.
    I don't use/need it anyway.
  • kk
    kk Posts: 143 ✭✭
    yes, it seems that you either need to bug them every month to apply the upgrade OR if it applied just fine, to refund you 1$ every month, as when upgrade applied your plan goes up 1$ and they take off 1$ from that price LOL. I ended up to add more data instead, at least it works better, then free voicemail.
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