Ordered a sim card, how do I know if my plan is on it?

I ordered a sim card and made a plan but my receipt states that only I only got the physical card. Does this mean I need to order a whole new card?


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    You need to activate the SIM, using the code in the SIM and paying for it. The SIM does not have the plan associated.


    Activating my SIM card

    There are three (3) ways to get to the SIM card activation page:

    • Log into your Fizz account, and go under Overview. Select Get started in the create your plan tile. There, you’ll have the opportunity to activate your SIM card. 


    • In the fizz.ca menu bar, click on Mobile/Activate my SIM.


    • Enter fizz.ca/activate directly into the address bar of your web browser. 


    Once there, simply enter the activation code on your SIM card in the field provided.



    Once your SIM card has been activated, you’ll need to create your perfect plan. The Plan Wizard will help you:

    • Adjust the amount of data, the number of texts and minutes.
    • Choose your coverage area — Quebec, Canada or Canada + U.S. (Hawaii and Alaska are included in the Canada + U.S. coverage area).
    • Decide whether you want voicemail and international calling options.

    At the bottom of the Plan Wizard you will see your monthly fee, which adjusts based on your selected plan details. Some Fizz calling options — such as call display, call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling — are always included in any plan.

    Once you’re happy with your plan details, click Confirm. Know that you can adjust your plan throughout your Fizz journey — changes will take effect at the start of your next payment cycle.

    Important: incoming texts are always free, but incoming calls are not. If you do not have minutes in your plan and no funds in your wallet, be aware that you will not be able to receive calls.




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  • No. The plan is not on the card, the card is only to be able to access Fizz network. One you’ll receive it, you will be able to activate your plan. Because of this, you’ll pay for your plan only the day you’ll start using it
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    Now, your plan is not active.
    When you'll receive your sim card,
    you have to activate this sim plan, choose a plan, give your previous account number from your old provider to let Fizz transfer it
    And your telephone number will be effective at Fizz . It can take maybe only 15 minutes.. It's very fast.
    .Your billing date starts when you active your plan.
    Your montly payment starts automatically at this moment.
    Welcome to Fizz!
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