Sim card suddenly not connecting to network

Since Wednesday night, I cannot receive calls, make calls, receive SMS or use my Data. Before then, everything was working just fine. Nothing happened to my phone that would explain why I cannot connect to the Fizz network anymore. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. I can still see my contacts that are stored on the SIM card, so the SIM port is not damaged. I tried restarting the device; it did not work. APN is still correctly set. I am able to find 5 different Fizz networks (FIZZ, FIZZ, FIZZ EXT, FIZZ EXT, FIZZ EXT), but I cannot register on any of them. After that, I tested my SIM card with two other unlocked Samsung Mobiles (another Galaxy S4 and a Galaxy S8+), still not working. Could it be the SIM card that is damaged? Why would it suddenly be damaged? I already bought a replacement that I should receive today (2019-11-22). I hope I did not buy it for nothing.


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