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So I changed my phone plan a while ago in the month so I could have more data. My plan was supposed to change cycle two days ago, instead it says my next cycle is in -2days and I haven't got any data added, so I am currently stuck on the data from the last cycles. I thought maybe it hadn't charged my card but I have been charged


  • Legandir
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    You might want to contact Fizz
  • As others said, contact them on Facebook Messenger. They are usually quite quick at responding. Good Luck!
  • Kovid
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    Check your credit card to see if you got charged for the old or the new plan.
    If you got charged for the old plan, that means the changes were not implemented. It has happened to me and others as well. In either case, you should reach out to customer service by chat.
  • Fizzy
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    Unfortunately your plan change did not go through due to a system bug.

    You have to contact Fizz support to get this fixed.


    Free free to post again if you need some data gifted to you.

    I have extra data to give, but I have a problem to receive private messages.

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