Why the sudden price changes?

I have been a huge fan of fizz and i have refered a bunch of people because of the low prices making it worthwhile. now that i have a phone and cash to be able to set myself up i see the prices have been hiked up without notice. last i saw it was around 33.30+tx for 8gb of data with text and call and now its over 52$..... i was really looking forward to being a fizz customer and was even going to order a sim but as a single mother i dont want to be paying that much for my phone as i know fizz sometimes has techical problems and ive seen it happen recently with my friends. is there anyway to get said plan because i literally saw it like max 2 weeks ago but didnt have the funds......


  • GOAT
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    It's a shame, but probably necessary for their business. The stabilization prices are crazy good!
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