How to manage upgrades?

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I just subscribed a few days ago, and have applied the 250MB data upgrade. I understand that it will not activate until next period. It shows as pending, and I cannot swap it out now. Will I be able to swap it out for a different upgrade once this upgrade shows as activated?


  • Fizzy
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    Since you just joined, you'll need to level up first.

    To learn more about Upgrades and your rewards, read here:


    Yes once an upgrade has been activated, you can swap it out again for your next renewal.


    Your upgrades can have any one of the following status:
    1. In use: you’re currently enjoying this upgrade every month. If you click on it, you’ll have the option to remove it from your plan.
    2. Pending activation: you chose to activate this upgrade, and it’ll be applied to your plan come your next payment cycle (and will, at that time, show the “active” status).
    3. Pending removal: this upgrade was active, and you chose to remove it from your plan, which will be done come your next payment cycle.
    4. Available: you can choose to activate it on one of your plans.
  • code_WD3TG
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    Yes, you can swap out an upgrade once it has been activated. However, the new upgrade that you swap in will not be active until the following month.
  • Normster
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    Yes it is now pending, but once it’s activated you can swap it out easily .
  • Elizabeth B. #5037
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    Yep, and if I'm not mistaken, you'll get more slots for upgrades as you level up
  • GOAT
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    Yes you will be able to swap it, and it will take effect at the next billing date.
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