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I have 3 lines with fizz I want to know if I can track my phones


  • Elizabeth B. #5037
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    If you'd like to track their locations at any given time, for iPhone, you'd have to use the "find my iphone" feature by logging into your apple ID on the icloud site, along with the devices. For android, I think you can use your google account, but I'm not entirely sure.
  • Legandir
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    Dont need to track your family! Just let Them be!
  • GOAT
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    You need to set this up on the individual phones.
  • Paulo B. #4590
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    I phone use "find my phone"
    Or if you have a google account, use that on your phone and you can track the location of your phone at all times on all platforms of phones.
    Samsung also has their own find your phone application, but you need to create a Samsung account and login to the phone with it.
    I have android phones and all have a google account associated to it which I can use the maps functions to track where the phone is at all times. You can even use one account on all phones and then choose which device you want to locate.
    Also google has a family app where you can track your kids phones and turn off data etc at certain times.
  • Fizzy
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    No cell phone company (including Fizz) will provide such a feature.

    Your phone or the App you are using must provide this feature, and you usually need to have both data and location enabled on your phone settings.

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    All available line information are in My plans or
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